ChatGPT: Make Money with Chatgpt by Answering Questions! (AI Affiliate Marketing)

part1, out of all the different ways to make money online using chat GPT this. might be the easiest, method to start with it does not require building a website. working as a freelancer or even spending, a single penny all you need to do. is head off and start answering questions using chat, GPT and just that way. you'll earn commissions on autopilot I'll explain the entire process to you step, by step. so make sure to watch until the end but please remember that every online business. requires, time and effort to start seeing results with that being said let's jump right. into the video foreign, as you know recently many ways have been revealed to make. money with chat gbt like providing various, freelance services for example however many people didn't. like the idea for different reasons one of them was, a claim that the freelance. Marketplace is too competitive and it's not easy to find clients even though, I don't. 100 agree with that I decided to share this new method which is entirely different. from, what you've heard before the method requires three different websites the first is which is the biggest, question and answer social website it gives you answers about any. topic and it also allows you to, answer others questions and this is what we're. gonna do the second website we need is ClickBank if, you don't know ClickBank is. one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces online with thousands of affiliate offers in, different niches. you can promote but if clickBank is not available in your country you can use. an, alternative website like digistore24 and the last website you need is of course the. one and only chat, GPT with the help of those three websites combined you can. start making passive income now let me, show you how this method Works in detail. so the first step you can do is head, off to and create. your free account as you can see it's very simple you can sign, up with. your email or Facebook once you're logged in this is how your dashboard will look. like, you can access your profile settings and if you. click here you can, change or add a new language but all of that is. not really necessary because this search bar, up here is what you need so our. main goal on quora is to find problems we can, solve using chat gPT and. ClickBank the chat bot will give us detailed answers and ClickBank will provide, us with. products we can promote to get commissions now there are many problems you can start. solving, to make profits but I suggest that you focus on three categories number one. Health number two wealth, and number three relationships these three categories are the best if. you're looking for quick results but of, course there's still a lot of other topics. out there that you can try for example you can, pick weight loss or stress. relief which means you're in the health category or you can be in the wealth category and so on for this video let's use weight. loss, so we can start by typing weight loss here in the search and as. you will get endless results all these questions are related to. the topic we've chosen and here on, the left hand side. we have some filters. I want you to set the type to questions and, here always set the time. to the past hour or past day and here we have a filter for questions that have been posted a while. ago so if you're trying to answer a question that has been posted in the past month or a month ago you can set it to the last week or the last day of the month or the past week of the last month and by applying these filters you won't, have as. many competitors as if you were to, post a question about weight loss. I'm going to choose, this one to startwith which says does this time you. eat matter for weight loss now all, you need, do is copy the question. and go to chatgpt to start a conversation and to, get clients I. always ask the chatbot to split the answer into different. sections and, summarize it. with bullet points at the end of the answer and, that's the best way you can find out with your answer it. can't copy it can't get back to post it. in the right hand side of the screen and you can click on the link to the right of the question to make it. easier to find your answer, and then you can go back to the search bar to find the questions you want to answer and once you do that you will be able to see all the answers you need for your weight loss question and you will need to find out what you're weight loss and you're going to need to create a free, promote, question you need you need more