ChatGPT: A New Way To MAKE MONEY With Chat GPT!

part1, in this video I will show you how you can earn up to nine. hundred dollars or more, using chat GPT the process is simple head off to chat. GPT and type right when it's done, copy paste deliver and get paid immediately but. I want you to have realistic expectations and know that, this method is only to. help you earn extra money to boost your income and not something that, will make. you rich overnight by the end of the video you will learn how to be. unique, and get quality results to stand out from the crazy number of people currently. using. the. book slash ebook, writing service that is currently popular and it has limited competition compared. to other services because as you know, becoming a good copywriter takes a lot of. time and experience that's why you'll find people who will, charge up to 100 an. hour for different copywriting services but don't worry you don't have to spend, years learning. copywriting skills instead we will use chat Gpt to do the hard work for us. what, let's say your client needs an ebook about habits control all you need to. do is head to, and let the chat bot write the book for you. and here is where most people fail, because even if chat gpt is super smart. with the answers you still have to be specific and, creative in how you lead. the chat so please don't ask the chatbot to write an ebook, and that's. it no split the process into different stages to get high quality results let me. show, you what I mean by that so again we need to write a book about habits. control the, first thing we have to do is generate a name for. that book so we start by asking the. chat bot to give us some options. once you have a name, you can. see we now have a base from which we can start the, next step is to generate a. outline structure for your book the outline structure or the book's content can you imagine how much time and money we can save at, the same. time can we imagine the opportunities of making money using chat gPT now let's start. if, you go to one of the biggest freelance marketplaces worldwide you'll notice that. the book. slash ebook, writing service is the most popular service on the market right now you'll also notice that, it's the only. service that, is free to use and it's also the only one that, has a built-in AI chatbot that will write the. ebook for you so, before I tell you how to, start making money with chat, I want to quickly explain how this unique technology works for those who, don't know what, chatgpt stands. for chat generative pre-trained Transformer and the built, in AI chat bot generates text, based on. written prompts in an advanced and creative way you can type anything in the chat. as, if you were chatting with a friend and theAI chatbot will give you. a detailed answer in, seconds for example let's ask, the. bot to write the summary of a. book. about habits which usually costs up, to one hundred dollars to do but now. thanks to chat, GPT you only need one click to get, a summarized book in seconds. . let's see what, we can do with this technology let's, see we can write a. summary of. a book, about habits.control the first thing, we have, to do, is generate the name for that book. can you see we, can move on to the. base of every book we, have to start all you have to. is start section by section based on the generated outline structure keep in mind. that the process might, take some time but it will generate a professionally written ebook. and will guarantee you standing out from, the crowd if you want me to share. more methods of making it easy to earn more money using. chat, GPT let me, know in the comments and. if you find the video helpful please hit the like button and subscribe, to my. channel as this helps me produce more videos and provide more valuable information that was. it, for today's video and always remember the longer you're not taking action the more. money you're losing thanks, for watching and see you next time foreign. part2.part3.part4.part5.part6.part7.part8.part9.part10.part11.part12.part13.part14.part15.part16.part17.part18.part19.part20.part21.part22.part23.part24.part25.part26.part27.part28.part29.part30.part31.part1.part32.part33.part34.part35.part2