ChatGPT Tutorial for Developers - 38 Ways to 10x Your Productivity

chat GPT is a Cutting Edge AI tool created by open AI. It was released in November 2022 and gained 1 million users in just 5 days. You can use it to create content for your website, write articles emails tweets cover letters and so on. It can also help you learn and. remember things faster for example you can give it some text and have it ask you a bunch of questions. It's not a substitute for human expertise and judgment so that's the theory. part now let's move on and see chat G PT in action so head over to if you don't have an account sign up it takes only a minute. Once you have logged in you're going to see the main screen with an input box. If you want to use the web interface there is also a Chrome extension and a desktop application available. I'll put the links down below this video alright let's go to the front-end and get to the fun part. We'll cover the basics then we'll dive into specific examples for different languages and get a legal-end-end on how you can use them. Once we get a business documents and scripts on once we start writing new things on the web you will see how to use chat Gpt to learn new things and write new business documents. We will end off with some general questions that apply to anyone regardless of the programming languages and tools they use. Let me know in the comments below the reality is whether you like it or. not chatGPT is here to stay in this tutorial I'm going to show you how touse it to get more creative and get things done a lot faster. Do you think chat GPD is going to take your job. let me tell you in theComments below thereality is Whether you like It or not chatgpt is here to stay in the tutorial I’m going to show you how to use it to get more creativity and get things done a lot faster. I'll be showing you various examples for different programming languages both for beginners and experienced. developers but before we dive into that let’s take a moment and understand how chat. gbt works. I have to. be honest sometimes it explains too much. If there is a piece of code you don’t understand you can ask. it and it will explain to you like a patient teacher but I have to be honest sometimes it explains too much. I've. helped millions of people learn to code and become professional software Engineers through this Channel. and my online school If you are new here make sure to subscribe so. you never miss a video so you never miss a video. Now let's start off with the general purpose that applies to anyone with some general. purpose questions that  apply to anyone regardless of the programming language and tools and regardless of the competitions you are involved in. Let's start off by talking about the different languages we'll be using for different cases for different use cases for programming cases for different varieties like python JavaScript HTML CSS and more. We will start off off by talking about the general purpose that applies to anyone regardless  of the programming language and varities we're going to talk about the general purpose that applies to both beginners and experienced developers. Now we'll move on to the fun part of the tutorial and we'll talk about how you can use it for different uses for programming languages like Python, HTML CSS, Ruby, Ruby SQL and more now before we look at specific examples remember shot GPT. like any tool has limitations it might sometimes generate incorrect harmful or biased information so. don't take whatever it tells you as a silver bullet don't use it as a silver bullet. It might be functional but it might not be the best way to code because the code that is generated is not guaranteed to be right it might befunctional but it might not be the best way to code. It can also prepare you for job interviews you can. have it improve your resume write a cover letter for you and also interview you. like an interviewer. It will learn about the grammar and structure of. English as well as the meanings of words and how they are used in different. contexts. Once the language model has learned about a language it can then be used. to generate text in that language. It is designed to understand and generate natural language like English and. codecs which are specifically trained to understand  and generate code these models are trained on. billions of lines of code publicly available on GitHub they're also pretty good in a lot of other languages like HTML CSS says JavaScript. typescript Ruby and more. It takes Netflix three and a half years and Instagram two and ahalf months to get the same number of users.