How To Make $273.97 PER Day With Chat GPT (OpenAI Tutorial)

Cutting Edge: 273 bucks a day is. exactly a hundred thousand dollars a year let's throw in an extra thousand for good. hygiene you dirty mother let's go have some fun in this video. I'm gonna break down exactly how you can get to 273 a day using stuff like chat gbt. this is Cutting Edge nobody's doing this you need to do it now. If you're making less than 100 Grand a year you'd be a fool to. click off this video I promise I'll make it worth it and I'll try to. make it very short by the way I'm giving another hundred dollars to somebody who likes subscribes and leaves a comment Down Below in thisvideo so make sure to do that and I announce the winners over on my Instagram so the first you're. going to do is open a chat GPT account it's free to do and the. company open AI is actually losing three million dollars a day because of all the messages back and forth when you interact with the AI it costs money so open. an account there and then we're gonna go to freelance sites like upwork Fiverr and you're gonna make five to ten listings on each of these for the same. Services now don't worry these aren't skills you actually have to have because chat G PT can do it for you so here's an example of what one of those would. look like offering email marketing Services which I'll show you how to do in about. two seconds so you can do that. The goal here is to price. way below everyone else you'll see I posted it at ten dollars for email marketing. Services just to give you a perspective I pay about five grand a month for. real email marketing services from a company I work with so it's very cheap to go list this companies can buy it you're going to try and just get your. rating boosted up offer your services in one day do it quickly deliver even faster. have great communication you'regoing to be able to raise your prices as your ratings. go up now this won't make you a billionaire but an extra 100 to 200 Grand ayear is totally realistic and the step two part of this is to. go ahead and hire a virtual assistant once money is coming in because it will. come in for about 700 bucks a month that's what cost you the full-time eight. hour a day employee from somewhere like Thailand or the Philippines and you'll have. them manage all of these listings do the communication and eventually do the work for. you. I've been doing this for seven years and I've made double the money I would do that is e-commerce but I would have made the money if I had this tool because the process doesn't make it so simple. I have like six phones it's the reason. I get busy because I have multiple laptops and I have to get busy with it all right the second I'm going to show you all the ways you can make money with it. You can craft it depending on what you want your brand to be or what your client's goal is you can give them multiple options to make it pretty funny right they can imagine anything you can imagine this. tool can pretty much do pretty much. You don't have to just take it at face value and I actually recommend you don't if you want a really really good one you could make it funnier right you can interact with this tool and use it and you. can craft a different thing to make a good one. You're gonna have to be aggressive here all we're about to get good let's all go. go. all right I'm all about to show it. the reason it's fun you is fun because it doesn't just make it easy to use it so you are going to need to be active on your store it's ridiculous but the cool thing is you don’t have to say it's not just to make your brand stand out from the rest of the world. It doesn't take you 40 minutes to write this it takes one second and then you might. modify it for a few minutes but it’s very quick to do. I’m going to give it to you to help you make it more fun to use this tool for your brand or for your client. You’re going to have to go out and do different things to help your brand. You know what I mean. It's a great way to get out of Brooksville and make some extra money. I  think if you’ve got a good reason to make money. It’ll make you feel good about your brand and help your client feel better about their brand. I think it's a good way to start your business. I'll give it a shot.