How To Make PASSIVE INCOME With ChatGPT & Midjourney AI?

this simple storybook for kids has made over 176 thousand dollars in passive income in. today's video I'll show you how to launch a similar business starting from generating the. book idea the main content to high quality illustrations and all of that by using. the power of AI technology. If you're interested in making passive income keep watching. until the end because I promise this video will contain valuable information you'll not find. anywhere [Music] I came across this idea while scrolling on Amazon looking for potential passive income ideas for my business then I found this product which is a story book for. kids. After doing my research I was. shocked by the Numbers these sellers make by selling simple storybooks like this as you. can see this book got 2550 ratings and if we multiply that by 6.47 which. is the product price you'll find out that the seller has make over sixteen thousand dollars from this book alone. The craziest is that you can publish these books 100 free. using Amazon KDP then I said okay why not create a similar book using chat. GPT publish it on Amazon and generate a passive income that makes money while sleeping. so I decided to make this video to help as many people as possible as. you know to create a good storybook you first need to come up with a. good story idea so I asked the chatbot to generate a title for a storybook. related to kids and the first answer was the Magical Garden I didn't like that. we needed something more exciting so I gave it another chance the magical forest Adventure. sounds good but we can do better The Adventures of Tommy and Timmy the search. for the Lost Treasure okay that sounds like a very exciting story we can start. with then I decide to move on with this one. The next step was to create the story outline and each chapter includes the scenes. in detail chapter 1 the Lost treasure chapter 2 The Wise Old parrot Chapter 3. The mischievous monkey chapter 4 the thieves chapter 5 the the heroes welcome now that we've generated the story outlines we can begin creating the actual story content based on. the chapters all you need to do is copy the first chapter and set the prompt to write a rhythm story once it's done read it and if you don't like the results you can always regenerate the answer until you're happy then I did the same to all the chapters and it only took a few minutes to realize that I now had a. complete story ready to be converted into a book that could generate passive income without needing to write anything myself if you think about it it's actually crazy how fast. we came up with the story idea and all the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 were generated using an AI art generator for 100 free. There are many options available I've tried a lot of them and I found that mid-journey provides the best experience in my opinion you can try using the link below this video once you've joined their server you'll see all the images. Once you start a prompt to generate your image you can notice that new images are. recently generated every second of users so notice that there are millions of users recently generated. once you can start explaining the image once you want to go to the story you've generated and then imagine that you've finished explaining the chapter you've created. U3 u3 u4 u3 U3 U4 u4 U4 U5 u5 U6 U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 U18 U19 U19 and you can see the rows of rows that will appear in the top row of these rows as you go to generate the image. Once the image has finished generating two rows will appear as you won't be able to go back to the page again so we want to create another one. We want you to imagine and then type forward then imagine and create a topic after the chapter has finished. We'll see the next row will appear and then your topic will be the one that has finished and then you can go to that topic and then we want the topic to be the topic that you're going to imagine. We've created the first one in my case it was The Lost Treasure. The map leading to the map leading. to the Losttreasure leading to Timmy and Tommy. The adventure to find a lost treasure hidden in the jungle. It's about two young friends who embark on a thrilling adventure to finding a. lost treasure. It was created by a chatbot for kids between five to eight years old. and is about a magical forest adventure. The first one was called The Magical Garden and it's about a search for the lost treasure in a jungle. The second one was The adventures of  Tommy and  Timmy.