How to Use Bard Ai - Google Chatbot VS. ChatGPT

Google just released Bard which is the Google chat bot to compete with chat GPT. I wanted to show you briefly in this video exactly how to use it. and then at the end of the video I'll just quickly compare it here with. chat Gpt. I have both of them open right now now to access part you. just have to go to and you may have to join a waiting list. but it only took a few hours in my case to get access they sent. me an email and it brought me here and here. It's basically identical kind of a platform where you have a chat box here where. you could put a prompt and then you'll get a result so if I show. you chat G PT here same kind of thing I have a box over here and. in Bard I have the same kindof thing over here so let me go. ahead and put a command here a prompt I'm going to ask you to write. me a YouTube script for my next YouTube video and then I want to show you exactly what BART comes up with versus chat GPD. I think Chachi PT gave me a better. output because I could just actually read this this one has for example Bard has. tips at theend that wouldn't really help me with a YouTube video. I'm not. going to read off tips right maybe I could use it in the description but. not so much in a scripted format so I think the way Chad GPT actually. wrote it is more useful now let me ask Bart a few more questions that. I've asked chat gbt in the past to see what kind of output it gives. me so I'll go ahead and ask it to write me a song again I'm. just asking chat 3.5 instead of 4.0 which is actually more creative than what Bard wrote here. I love to make videos is my. passion and dream but this one I love my camera it was more specific so. as I read through it again I found this one to be more specific and. more interesting than what BART gave me as far as the context and the whole. layout and length is pretty similar here asFar as song format and I'll ask. it one last question it's best places to travel to now this one gave me. five different options for best places for me to go. I could click that and it'll open up Google so that's a really interesting way that I could compare what Nai could do and what the search engine tells me and what I'm actually listening to as well as typing here and typing out what I could listen to. I'll press enter and Chad GPD actually types things out a. little bit different it had zero pause time though Bard took a second to think. about it maybe three seconds actually and then it spit out everything all at once. this does it a little bitdifferent where he starts typing right away now if. I compare the two it actually kind of gave me thesame kind of layout. so it gave me a nice welcome board also gave me an intro steps outro and it broke it down into different. sections so I got an intro Steps outro. This one. is really brief relative to whatChat GPT wrote out and he put things in. a more organized way into steps in steps in drawing outro where Chad G PT kind of put. everything into one script in a format that is not broken up into categories now. in this case for a YouTube clip. I can't wait to try out Bard. I've been using it for a few days now and it's been a lot of fun so far. I just want to see if I can use it for more than just YouTube videos and I've had a few fun things to do with it. I don't know if it's going to be as fun as I thought it would be to use Bard for other things like travel around the world. It has a microphone so I could also click this and it will go ahead and let you just search too just by clicking this. and it won't open up a Google search too and I could actually listen to what you say. It gives me specific locations not just just cities which I'm really like to go back over and it actually lets you do a search too. It actually lets me do a Googlesearch too just like bart does. It gave me five different cities to go from here to there which is kind of interesting and it also lets me go back to bart too and it gives me a microphone to listen to and it has a different way to say what I like to say to you. I like that it's a little different than what chat gpt4 which right now is under the subscription I'll use to talk to Bart.