I Found The 400 Most Useful Chat GPT Prompts

I collected the 400 most useful prompts for ChatGPT and in this video, I'm going to share some of that invaluable knowledge. I literally looked through all of the internet for the best ChatG PT prompts Twitter,. Discord, YouTube, blogs man I even went on Pinterest. And I myself tested every single. prompt that seemed somewhat useful. Spoiler alert, most of the interesting ones don't even work. anymore. Once I found my favorite ones I came up with a list of 100 prompts. Aren't they just beautiful. And that's essentially the ebook that we'll be looking at today. I sorted them into five categories so without. further Ado let me show you some of these. I think it's not. hard to agree on the fact that this tech is incredibly useful but if you're. anything like me every time I tap into that little chat box I think to. myself: the potential of this thing seems endless maybe I'm not asking it the right. questions or interacting with it correctly? So I set out on a journey across the. internet. And once I found the formula that you could replicate and. customize to your own needs, I started working on the ebook. I'm a firm believer of always adding new skills to your. toolkit and this prompt is a true superpower. It's hard to find trustworthy people on. specific topics that will just give out quality advice like this for free. And if I say answer number one it teaches me how to learn Photoshop. myself like come on this is worth its weight in gold. Okay so I'll just go ahead and. skip the copywriting category as I have a big video outlining multiple prompts from there. but just know there's over 30 pages like this just for copywriting so yeah you. bet this ebook will help you with writing. I really want. to look at the social category because that and the productivity category are my personal. favorites. Look at this one on page 72: in Western Society is it generally considered. better to be rich or powerful an extremely hard question that has to consider so. many variables one might even call this a possible question and this is exactly one. of those that you wouldn't just think of yourself. And here's my. favorite part you can simply take this formula and say generate some examples that are. relevant for computer savvy young guy based on following prompt formula and then you post. the formula and it just hits you with a bunch of prompts that are relevant to you. And every time it's time to talk about your health because this is again one of those not obvious questions that are not obvious at all but you can customize it as you need to. And then down here you have. some examples to get your imagination going so for example can you find some practical. ways to improve your writing skills without joining a course or community. And it explains you can use this prompt to travel in Indian culture right now to be traditional and chat is generally considered better than modern and modern and you can follow up with this answer here right now. And you can always always specify a certain city or a certain region and then get more concrete answers and then make it lactose friendly again by saying: but in the case of a politician which one is. preferable to be powerful rather than. wealthy and modern? And I really wanted to share this particular prompt with all my YouTube subscribers because it's so damn useful so I'm still a beginner or maybe an advanced beginner when it comes to coding but let me tell you this advice is worth gold when it come to a beginner. And as. you can see I always had to find the formula for the prompt that you just replace the things in the square brackets with your own words so the way it works simply you just replaced the.Things in thesquare brackets withyour own words and then I mean to say: you can create a Seven Day meal plan for an adult who needs to consume 2,000 calories a day but makes it a lactose intolerance friendly day. And by the way I mean it's every time you can ask it: who would ask it? I mean I mean you can make it. I mean every time. You can create it: I want to create a seven-day meal plan who would like it to be lactose-friendly and I would like to make it a little bit more friendly by making it a lot of different ways. So that was one of the prompts I have in that ebook and that's one of my personal favorites. I've been using it to help me learn how to use it for my own writing and I'm looking forward to using it for other people's writing as well. I just want to share it with you all the time I can use it in the future. I hope you all have a great time.