Make Money with YouTube Shorts Using ChatGPT (WITHOUT YOUR FACE OR VOICE IN 2023)

part1, hey guys today I want to show you how to make money with YouTube. shorts using chat GPT, I'm also going to. show you the exact niche in which um. you can do this and best of, all in this Niche I've picked out. is this. niche of a wellness, type video channel now the case study that I've chosen for today is this Channel with with 9 000, subscribers it's called Wellness bubble and the reason. why I picked it out is because it's a channel, that only has 9 000. subscribers you know in a lot of my videos I use examples of, channels that. I've got like hundreds of thousands of million subscribers my channel has got 300 000. million subscribers, but I actually want to talk to you about a channel that is basically like a. beginner Channel and the, kind of views that they're getting on their YouTube shorts take. a look at this if we go, to the shorts Tab and I'm just going. to make this a little bit larger you can see, that if I switch over. to recently upload these are the types of videos that they've been uploading, most recently. but if I sort by popular you'll see that these. videos, that have had hundreds of thousand of views 272k views 241k views 193k views. and so on and, if you look at the videos that these people have been uploading on their. channel, you're going to see that they are making videos that are up to 60 seconds, long so you can make these kinds of. videos in this niche without being on cam camera and, they're making them without showing. their face and without using their own voice so if we. take a step back and look at some of their most popular videos, for example this one you. can see that it's just text and it's like a SlideShare presentation and that's, basically all. the rest of this video I'm going to talk you a bit later on how. to, make these similar types of Videos in maybe about five to ten minutes per. video you don't really, need to spend any more time because YouTube shorts by their. very nature are only a few seconds long and these videos that you're making on your. channel can be made up to a few minutes, long and they can be up to 30 seconds, or so long and so you will have the exact Niche and, the exact. method that you can use to start producing shorts videos and start making money as. well, so don't skip any steps the niche that I, can get started in right now so basically. if you watch this video without skipping any steps at, the end of the this video. in about 15 minutes or so you should be able to start making. money using YouTube shorts, and chair GPT C and for the example for this video can be found on the right hand side of the screen and that is why. it's important to choose a niche where you can get the most out of it. I really, hope you guys enjoyed this video because I'd super appreciate. dollars lot of it if you can just smash the like button before we dive into, the first. step have you hit like awesome thank you and here is the first step alright. so, as step one let's just look into the actual process of how you can come up with, unlimited video topics keywords and ideas and how to monetize these. shorts videos in multiple ways I really. I'm, gonna break down the whole step-by-step process of the way to make these YouTube shorts videos how do you actually make money from it well there are. two, ways one all shorts now on YouTube are eligible for monetization through affiliate marketing and you can. actually earn ad revenue, on all of these videos you post on your channel the second way to earn money, is through. affiliate marketing where there are really good products that you want to promote on your page and this can promote it really good commissions it can promote you can really look for really look at how to maximize your conversions and crazy conversions. we go to five this video and clicking a link I know from my description and I want you guys to click on the link and I know that it will give you a good look at really the results you get when you click on that link and you see the results those things that make the videos you learn the exact niche in which this method works best. I'm, gonna break this video down to the end and I'll be back to you in a minute or so and we'll be talking to you a lot more about it and we will be talking about the niches in which you can sell the videos and the way that we can do it. without ever showing your face and, affiliate products that plants at, least 50. of your tedious tasks you