Midjourney V5 + ChatGPT-4 = GOD MODE (FULL PROCESS)

Mid Journey version 5 and chat tpt4 will be put together to harness the great powers that they contain and we're going to be building better prompts. We will train chat gpt4 in the art of prompt writing and help refine its outputs after this we'll look at how these prompts come out in mid-journey and. look for ways to improve our prompt writing wizard so let's Dive Right In the. first step is to come to chat GPT make sure we set the model to. chat gbt4 and start a new conversation. We're. going to Prime chat gPT4 to act as our wizard prompt writer and to do. that I'm going to inform it that you need to acting as a prompt engineer. I then go on to tell it I will give it some example prompts to use please define. the exact camera that should be used it's useful to get an exact camera lens. if that is the medium you're using because it helps Define the precise aesthetic that. we're looking for. Here is a formula for to. use brackets content insert nouns here medium insert artistic medium Here style insert preferences to. genres artist and popular culture here lighting reference the lighting here colors reference the color. styles and palettes here composition reference the camera's specific lenses shot types and positional elements. here what I've done is broken The Prompt down into specific variables so that we can get adjectives relating to these different component parts of an effective. prompt. This will make sure that we have accurate defined language for the whole Ray. of possibilities of our prompt when giving a prompt. I love to. think of these prompts as casting spells into mid-Journey and with the right combination of words we can elicit infinite possibilities when guardian mid journeyosa [Music] I then gone on to say here is an example prompt to give it an idea of how I would like the. output to be to get the most out of chat TPT it's import important to. give it a lot of contextual information chat Gpt4 now takes up to 25 000. characters in contextual information and this allows us to giveIt a lot more information. which then can include in its own intelligence. I recently saw a new feature from a coding. language and inputted the entire documentation into it to spit it out that was aimed at beginners and asked for a more complex language so we're taking really Advanced version of that. The first thing I noticed that is that it still included brackets so I will retrain by asking it to rewrite the prompts without the brackets but I will still turn up an English painter who worked specifically in oil and paints very beautiful atmospheric seascapes. I will also ask chat Gbt to spit out a very beautiful underwater landscape style inspired by oil jmw Turner and HRiger so turn up the great Turner and Turner and Geiger are the great painter who turned up. I've also asked chat GBT to spit  out an interesting use case that someone took out a new form of documentation into chat Tpt4 and turned it into a new prompt that was specifically aimed at that person. This can be great for simultaneously creating different images inside of mid- journey and it also gives us a little bit more flexibility to either choose one or the. other or even combine parts of both into our own unique prompt. It can also allow us to either choice one or or even combining parts of the both into a unique prompt so this can also give us a bit of flexibility to choose one of both. I'm asking. chat G PT to actually Define what that would look like that the eyes are focused. on something in the distance rather than they have a vacant stare rather than the eyes in a distance. It is useful to be explicit and use references. to popular culture artists and mediums your focus needs to be on nouns and adjectives. this prevents chat GTS from going off and describing in Flowery ways the vacant gaze. that somebody's having that reminds them of the first day of autumn and we are asking.Chat GPT to actually define what that will look like. It's important to use precise and articulate language always output me to full. prompt options this means it will get two options every time we ask for a. prompt so that it can begreat for simultaneously create different images in the next version of mid Journey. We'll be looking at how to make the most of these new technologies and how to use them to create better prompts in the future. We can imagine a chat tp4 as a. wise wizard who has trained for many years to write prompts for a new generation of air generator. We are going to use chat Tp4 to help build better prompts for the next generation of the air generator called mid Journey to harness their powers.