The Ultimate MidJourney Prompting Guide

hey do you want to learn how to use mid journey to create really cool. images like this or like these or like this. I'm going to show you how to do. all of these images and More in today's Ultimate Guide to Mid Journey prompting. I. hope you enjoy it let's dig in I have used mid Journey quite a bit. and messed with all sorts of different styles and prompts and figured out a lot of different ways to actually leverage the tool to. get allsort of different art styles so the first thing you're going to want. to want to go to and join the beta now. You do need to have a Discord account if you don't. already have a discord account it is completely free just go to download the. free tool so once you have Discord click on joined the beta it will open. up Discord and it will put you inside of the Discord room and generate your prompts. You can look at what other people are generating to get some inspiration. I like to open up the mid-journey bot. and just have my own individual bot where I am doing my prompts kind of. in private so over on the right you can see this list of users if. you don’t see this lists of users click this little member list button up in. the top and it'll show the list of Users and somewhere towards the top. you'll see mid-Journey bot if you right click on mid-turny bot and then click on. message it'll actually open mid- journey in a bot view here so let's go ahead and. go full screen with this now. Once you're inside of mid Journey you’re going to. want to tweak some settings by default these settings aren't perfect so what you want  to do is you want to type slash and then settings and it's going to give you a little box to start typing your prompt anything. you can imagine you can type into this prompt so if I want to do a wolf wearing a top hat on the beach with waves crashing in the background. now there's some extra little things that you could add to the end of your. prompt to get more extra stuff out of it. I personally just leave. it on the base quality and I'm really happy with the images it comes out. The negative prompts are going to be things that don't work super well so I'll put them in the negative. I don't want to put negative prompts and things like YouTube thumbnails and things that I'll want to see in a glamor disc on that inside of Mid Journey. I typically do one. to three to do one or three to three because I make a lot  of thumbnails because I like the look of them. I can do an aspect ratio of 3 2 1/2 and 3 2/2 which is an angle ratio of one-to-one aspect ratio. If you want a square image now I. can do asquare image of 3 1/3/3 and 3/4 or 3/5/6. I usually do a landscape mode which is landscape mode it'sgoing to be a little bit wider than it tall than it is tall. I’m going to do an portrait mode it’s going to  do aspect ratio 1/1/2/1 and 1/4/1. I generally do either one or two because I typically don't like one- to-one  aspect ratio and I like it to be wider than three or three. The other thing you can do you can put no and no and then put anything and then the letters AR that stands for aspect ratio by default you�’ll get a negative prompt after the no is a negative. those are going  to be after the negative. after theno is a prompt. no one is going to put anything after the  negative. then you can use Dash Dash and then no and put anything then the words AR that stand for aspect ratios by default. You’ve got to turn remix mode on and that just lets you do. some extra cool stuff with mid Journey that you won't be able to do just. by default if youDon't turn those settings on so make sure those are set. now to type a prompt what you'regoing to do is to type. slash and  type imagine and then once you hit the space. bar it will give you  give you a box to begin typing your Prompt anything. You can imagine  you can start typing a prompt. I've been using mid Journey for a few years now and I've used it to create some video. game inspired images like these. I'll be using it for a while now to get creative like this and this. or create totally unique Styles like this