Using ChatGPT-3 to Make YouTube Videos in Minutes (FULL GUIDE) is an online video editor which allows us to create videos without having to record our voice or any footage. It generates a script about the financial crash of 2008 which is insane. It helps you build outlines, it does help you do research. And a good tip is to actually try and match up the stock footage with what's being said in the script because it helps tell the story in our audio or in our video. We'll be using chat GPT to make YouTube videos, but GPT can't edit videos for us. But don't worry, I'm. going to be using a second tool which is called We're not going to go through the details of actually editing it, right. So, we're just going to copy the actual steps and the conclusion. And then I'm going to head over to VEED and click 'new video', 'create projects' and then 'add to project' We're going to start with a blank project: "Financial. crash" so let's listen: "In the early 2000s, the global economy was boom...". Okay, so as. you can see, I've got this lovely 'text-to-speech' and I can change the voice. Now let's delete that, paste the second half of the script. And now we've got our full script which is. spoken out, and now if I just play it back from the beginning: "in the. early 2000's, theglobal economy was booming thanks to low interest....". As you cansee,. I have an entire video script in spoken word thanks to VEEP's text-tospeech. Now, what. I'mgoing to go and do is actually go back to their'media' and here. we'vegot some built-in stock videos. And I'm literally editing a video just by searching and asking questions solet's. see. Let's start with this one and basically this is what I'm Going to keep. on doing in our our video script. Okay,. so I'm just gonna leave it with. Jenny. We’re going to zoom out, place my playhead at the end right here, and. then ‘add toproject' again. Okay. So I just select a green screen so I can just add a quick, green screen, choose the color sensitivity, get rid of the green, not all green, getting rid of all the sensitivity, and here’s another quick and easy way to cut it back together because I think the gap is. large too large so I just trim, stick back together.. However, here in five steps, they've given me the timeline of theFinancial crash and. why it happened, okay? And then to get more dirt, we can do this: tell. me something not many people know about theFinancial Crash of 2008. is that it was not just caused by the housing market bubble and risky mortgage. lending". And then this is something that I could incorporate. into the script, right? So, I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly how the financialCrash of 2008 went. But I'm simply going to ask. it one question but actually to do research,. we can then keep on asking questions. and keep on, keep on poking. And here's another quick way to do it: "The financial crash  of 2008 sent shockwaves...". And that's what we're doing in this video script: "I was going on about the fact that people were buying a lot of real estate". Then I can click on'media', click on "real estate" and then I can type in "real real estate" then I just cut it here in the audio, because I just want to make a quick cut because I don't want to cut the gap too large. And so I think it's a good idea to do that because I want to keep it quick and I think that's a quick way of cutting the gap because I can't cut it. And this is how I cut it because I need to make it quick. I can do it in our YouTube video script on the financial Crash of  2008. And it actually starts to write a video script about  the financial  crash 2008. It's called "Financial  Crash  of 2008" and it's written in a script that is written in English and in Spanish and in English. It also has some nice, nice, creative editing tools to help you create your own YouTube videos. It can help you make your own videos without recording your voice or footage. And trust me, they look pretty good. It has a built-In stock videos that help you tell your story in audio or audio or video clips in your own video.