How to use AI Art and ChatGPT to Create a Insane Web Designs

have you seen these beautiful looking websites which were designed by AI because in this video I'm going to show you exactly how you can generate these yourself websites are. going to be built with AI art as well as tools like chat GPT in. the future. This means that we can build an entire website from the ground up without writing a single line of code and this will be pretty damn. cool we'll start with mid-journey this is the AI tool that allows you to create. the AI art that we're now seeing all over the web to go to this. you just go to and join the beta it's easy to get started because. all you really have to do is join the Discord when you do this it'll. open up the escort Community which you can accept the terms and conditions and start. creating your own AI art. It's going to generate a low Fidelity version of the website and the design. for this art and this low F fidelity version will be iteratively updated to be higher. in resolution and rendered with four four examples these four examples then can be picked. from and then we can upscale them as well so let's have a look at. what kind of results we get now. We're going to start by creating a website design in mid-Journey and then use that R tool. to customize that image. Then we're  going to plug this into a no coding. tool then we'regoing to jump into chat G PT and we're going  to have it. write the entire Website Layout for us all the content the hero sections and feature. sections and much more. We'll take a look  at the kind of  results we'll get just from making. these small little changes to the design here you can already see that the design looks like it's a little bit interesting and I really have what looks like a bit of a slider and what looks more like a Nike shoes menu at the bottom of the page. I'm also going to give it some more context as to what we. want to do so this is where we can start being more creative with our prompts. so what I mean by that is by giving these context clues to the AI if you want better outputs different types of art style that you. want or for example how you want the design to look and feel whether you. wanted to represent a certain brand and much much more these are just simple examples. but let's take a  look at the four versions that we got which are not. too bad not that great either they're a bit uh I suppose funny looking in. a way. We've got a hero that'd like to go here it is because it does look like a very much like a  Nike shoes menu at the left where'd go here. We can select one two and three and four. to upscale one particular design that we want to give us a higher resolution version of this particular design and we can select u3 which is u3 and u4 and u5 and u6 and u7 and u8 and u9 and u10 and u11 and u12 and u13 and u14 and u15 and u16 and u17 and u18 and u19 and u20 and u21 and u22 and u23 and u24 and u25 and u26 and u27 and u28 and u29 and u31 and u2 and u3 are the four examples that we've got so far. This is the process and it takes a little time and it's going to take even more time to do an beta build and do an upscale in the beta and let's run this in the background so that you can see what this looks like and whatnot from here we can see. We also have a few simple examples of what we can do to make a website that we'd like that looks like. We have a couple of examples of how to set a hero and what to do to set up the hero and a few examples of where we want the hero to go. And we also have some simple examples to make it look and what we want it to look like that we have a little more context to give to the user so we can give it more context for the user to help them with the design. We are going to go over to the mid Journey server and start the beta build of this website and let’s do this now here I’m going to head over to one of the newcomer rooms here and here is. where everyone is creating different type of AI art the first thing we need to. do is to do a forward slash and type in imagine this will given us a. prompt work we can request the AI to generate any type of art we’re after.